My husband and I want to express gratitude of how well I was treated today for my appointment. Other facilities treat me different because of my weight but this office treated me warm and didn’t make me feel out of place…Thank you and tell the other staff thank you as well.


My name is Miguel and I am a 87 years old veteran. On September 16, 2014 I visit the office of Dr. Ricardo Alvarez after meet him on a Church Health Fair a few weeks before. I was feeling very tired, weak and  beside that I was losing weight. He took the time to make a good physical exam and blood work. He explained with kindness and clear about my condition, Hyperthyroidism, he explain me that my Thyroid was making too much Thyroid hormone, the reasons of all my symptoms. Since his treatment I gain weight, recuperate my energy and the rest of the other medical conditions become on control. I thanks Dr. Alvarez for his kindness and special care that he provide me.


My name is Ivonne and I thanks God that when I came to the office of Dr. Ricardo Alvarez, I was able to experience the excellent doctor that he is. As a diabetic patient with several other uncontrolled medical conditions and overweight.

Today I can tell that I lost weight and my diabetes is controlled. I recommend to every person that need improved their health to come and see Dr. Ricardo Alvarez. As a health professional and a human being he performed a 100% on his purpose to help others. His staff is amazing and helpful. May continue bless him on his passion to serve others, special the Latino American community.


Dr. Alvarez is my Primary Doctor, his knowledge and his professionalism with an outstanding and friendly staff members. My diabetes is under control. I will highly recommend Dr. Alvarez to everyone they looking for enhance and better healthcare.